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Learn how to clean up your SFDC revenue data

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Redefining automated document processing

Current Challenge

Manual review of customer contracts for revenue accounting impact is painful. Each contract requires accountants to spend hours creating new contract review checklists — hours that could be spent on process innovation.

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Our solution

Klarity automatically reviews your contracts against a bespoke checklist. Accounting impact, notes, and notifications are all built in, along with a simple, automated workflow. Skip the laborious manual work and focus on adding strategic value.

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Where Klarity excels

Salesforce & ERP Data Validation

“Klarity took a bunch of our PDFs and turned them into a clean, searchable, database in a couple of hours.”

Multi-Doc Matching for Accounts Receivable

Klarity allows my team to automate the painful manual process of extracting meaningful data, and provides peace of mind by reducing the potential for human error.

Revenue Recognition Assurance & Reporting

"We completely updated our scoping process. We no longer need a materiality threshold for contract review, we can simply rely on Klarity to identify the areas of risk."

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