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Coupa uses Klarity to automate a painful, and costly, manual process
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Current Challenge

Manual review of customer contracts for revenue accounting impact is painful. Each contract requires accountants to spend hours creating new contract
review checklists — hours that could be spent on
process innovation.

Our solution

Klarity automatically reviews your contracts against a bespoke checklist. Accounting impact, notes, and notifications are all built in, along with a simple, automated workflow. Skip the laborious manual work and focus on adding strategic value.

Why Klarity

1. Manage Your Workflow

Establish customized workflows for first and second-level reviewers for a more seamless contract review process and a faster month-end close.

2. Extract Key Data

Save time for your accounting professionals by automating extraction of key data from sales contracts and order forms.

3. Connect Your Tools

Ensure data integrity by comparing data pulled from third-party solutions, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday and more with Klarity's seamless integrations.

4. Enable Reporting

Bolster internal controls with powerful search capabilities and customizable reporting through Klarity's easy-to-configure dashboard.

5. Generate Audit Trail

Produce a complete audit trail with extracted data and comments for all contracts and every stage of the review process, all at the push of a button.


Klarity integrates painlessly into your existing
environment and leverages tools you already own.

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