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Beyond Materiality: Streamlining Contract Review Through A Risk Based Approach Featuring Intercom
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Document process
automation at ease

Salesforce & ERP Data Validation

Autoextract data from Order Forms & POs to match them against SFDC, NetSuite, Oracle & SAP

How Klarity helped Retool

“Klarity took a bunch of our PDFs and turned them into a clean, searchable, database in a couple of hours.”

Data Validation

Multi-Doc Matching for Accounts Receivable

Automate extraction of key data from sales contracts and order forms.

How Klarity helped Coupa

Klarity allows my team to automate the painful manual process of extracting meaningful data, and provides peace of mind by reducing the potential for human error.

Multi-Doc Matching

Revenue Recognition Assurance & Reporting

Bolster internal controls with powerful search capabilities and customizable reporting.

How Klarity helped Intercom

"We completely updated our scoping process. We no longer need a materiality threshold for contract review, we can simply rely on Klarity to identify the areas of risk."

Revenue reporting

Klarity Resources

Guide to Revenue Compliance in a Recessionary Period

In this guide we’ll discuss putting the right controls in place, compliance and reporting.

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3 Methods To Estimate SSP For Bundled Products

In this guide, we’ll discuss the three most commonly used methods for estimating SSP for bundled products.

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3 Accounting Software toAccelerate Your Month EndAccounting Close
3 Accounting Software to Accelerate Your Month End Accounting Close

As an Accounting Leader, you don’t want any surprises.

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How Klarity helps your revenue team


As an Accounting Leader, you don’t want any surprises.

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Revenue Accounting Manager

As an Revenue Accounting Manager, you face the limitations of manual contract review every day.

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As a Revenue Accountant, you’re the one grinding it out.

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