Klarity for Renewals Managers

Maximize the revenue that you're recognizing from renewals, execute on upsell opportunities, and minimize churn through automated tracking of contractually allowed uplift, pricing guarantees, and renewal date notifications. Stay on top of your renewals, prioritize, and forecast more accurately with high-powered analytics and reporting. Klarity will automatically identify all relevant renewals information from your customer contracts including uplift, auto-renewal, renewal pricing guarantees, renewal dates and notice period, automate notifications to your team, and allow for detailed reporting and forecasting based on your customer contracts in turn minimizing churn and revenue leakage.

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Top Challenges for Renewals Managers

Maximizing Renewals Revenue

Tracking Renewals Pricing

Notice Period

Tracking renewal details on a customer by customer basis is a daunting and manual task that only gets more complex with contract negotiations and an increase in transaction volume. Most customer contracts allow for increasing fees on a periodic basis, but these rights are rarely exercised. Renewal pricing guarantees are bespoke and can cause confusion during renewal processing or renewal negotiations. Customers rarely stay on top of renewal dates of their vendors leaving renewal bookings, upsell opportunities, and revenue on the table if not actioned by your renewals team.

Finance leaders are striving to integrate technology into the finance department's operations to achieve strategic objectives. One such objective is the continuous improvement of internal reporting, such as including more non-financial key performance indicators and gathering insights throughout each accounting period. This is made especially difficult due to the lack of transparency into the revenue accounting process.

Finance leaders are faced with the challenge of maximizing the efficiency of their department as other business stakeholders continue to expect more for less from the department. The introduction of innovative technology solutions is one such method towards growing operating efficiency.

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Early Reporting

Through powerful dashboards, your finance department can answer inquiries into the renewal contract review process, providing a new standard for transparency in the accounting department. Klarity provides visibility into renewal-specific metadata on an individual contract basis.

Audit Trail

Klarity's tracks every contract through each step of review and timestamps all review actions, providing an easily accessible, complete, and unalterable audit trail.

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