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Coupa uses Klarity to automate a painful, and costly, manual process
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As an Accounting Leader, you don’t want any surprises.

As a Revenue Accounting Manager, you face the limitations of manual contract review every day.

As a Revenue Accountant, you’re the one grinding it out.

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Klarity automates one of the most time-consuming parts of my job and saves me 85% of my time compared to my previous manual process.

Barrett Wilkowski
Revenue Recognition Manager at Optimizely

The Challenge: Manual Contract Review Process

You’re the one who has to go into Salesforce each quarter, manually download contracts, identify which need to be reviewed and extract all of the key data by hand.

If it seems like there has to be a better solution, you’re right. You should be able to do more with your time — strategic projects that advance your career, rather than repetitive, tedious tasks that make every mistake available for everyone to see. Enter Klarity.

How We Help

Revenue Accountants

Focus on more enriching aspects of your work

Klarity provides an easy, single viewpoint into all of the key data extracted by your contract review process, making it easy to provide both standard quarterly reporting and fulfill bespoke requests from company leadership quickly.

Get your most-time consuming and least rewarding parts of your job automated

The first level of review on all contracts are automatically populated in your revenue recognition checklist. All-night review sessions at quarter close are a thing of the past.

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