Integrating with Klarity is as easy as 1-2-3.

Implementation is smooth and simple β€” Klarity can be up, running and adding value to your revenue accounting process within weeks.

How we approach integrations

1. Sandbox integration

We partner with your IT team to integrate with your existing apps and revenue accounting systems.

2. Set-up

We configure the application itself and populate a custom checklist in collaboration with real users from within your organization.

3. Deployment

We flip the switch from sandbox to production, and you eliminate the most time and labor-intensive piece of revenue accounting.

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Why is integrating Klarity so easy?

Klarity comes pre-trained on 330+ data points and non-standard terms, and can be configured to spot terms that are unique to your business.

We use a single, global machine learning model that provides a horizontal view into the millions of contracts stored in our system. This means Klarity users get a lifetime subscription to continual improvements within the platform, powered by knowledge and insights from across our entire global customer base.

The Klarity app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, eliminates the need to manually open multiple versions of the same documents by identifying unnecessary duplicates, such as unsigned contracts, and automatically sending the right documents to our system for review. Klarity also checks any relevant information you have in Salesforce against the contract itself to ensure accuracy on both ends and set you up for a smooth quarter close. ​​Klarity also works within your existing security posture, and integrates with SSOs like Okta and others.

Benefits of using Klarity

Available at Salesforce AppExchange
Works within security postures - Okta and others
Using lifetime subscription to continual improvements

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