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Save on headcount costs by automating the review and documentation of your customer contracts for revenue recognition and billing purposes by using Klarity. Bolster your internal controls, normalize accounting conclusions and documentation across multiple reviewers, and streamline a manual process that consistently delays the accounting close. Get more for less out of your department through increased compliance, early reporting, and time and cost savings.

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Top Challenges for Finance Leaders



Cost Savings

The introduction of ASC 606 revenue recognition standards have brought complexity and ambiguity into the SaaS revenue accounting process. This necessitates airtight internal controls and documentation of all judgement calls made by accountants for potentially unclear terms. Maintaining compliance is essential to a company, as failing to do so can result in damage to both a company's financials and a company's brand.

Finance leaders are striving to integrate technology into the finance department's operations to achieve strategic objectives. One such objective is the continuous improvement of internal reporting, such as including more non-financial key performance indicators and gathering insights throughout each accounting period. This is made especially difficult due to the lack of transparency into the revenue accounting process.

Finance leaders are faced with the challenge of maximizing the efficiency of their department as other business stakeholders continue to expect more for less from the department. The introduction of innovative technology solutions is one such method towards growing operating efficiency.

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Early Reporting

Through powerful dashboards, your finance department can answer inquiries into the sales contract review process, providing a new standard for transparency in the revenue department. Klarity provides visibility into revenue recognition-specific metadata on an individual contract basis.

Audit Trail

Klarity's tracks every contract through each step of review and timestamps all review actions, providing an easily accessible, complete, and unalterable audit trail.

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