Klarity for NDA Review

Klarity powers your company's legal team behind the scenes by automatically reviewing NDAs without changing any of your workflows. Klarity's AI engine is able to review, comment, and redline your NDAs based on your company's configurable playbook.

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Mark Kahn
General Counsel

Klarity makes it much easier to negotiate contracts with our clients. Since we started using Klarity, we’ve been able to turn around contracts on the very same day. This speeds up the sales process and saves more than 80% of the time my team previously spent on contract review.

Zac Rule
VP World Wide Sales & Field Operations

Working with Klarity enabled us to seriously accelerate our sales process from the moment we receive a draft NDA from a prospective customer. Klarity helps us proceed with every new opportunity in a matter of minutes, rather than days. This allows us to dive in right away and begin showing our customers how we can contribute to their business, which should help us close more deals, faster.

Mike Duffy
Vice President

Klarity marks-up incoming deal NDAs, so we can spend our time on actual deal work. Klarity’s quick turnaround on the NDA gives us more time to spend evaluating each deal. Not to mention, it boosted the morale of our team too.