Klarity Affiliate Program

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Klarity works closely with its Affiliate Partners to onboard new customers onto Klarity RevRec. Klarity RevRec streamlines the contract review process by identifying contracts with non-standard terms under ASC 606 revenue recognition standards and automatically extracting terms from each contract to pre-populate a revenue checklist.

Klarity RevRec introduces artificial intelligence into finance departments, accelerating the review process, establishing robust controls, and providing companies with powerful analytics and actionable insights on revenue recognition data.

How does it work?

Nobody knows your clients better than you. Discuss Klarity RevRec with your clients and evaluate their needs. If their revenue recognition contract review processes could benefit from automation and improved compliance, they are a good fit for Klarity RevRec.

Onboard your client onto Klarity RevRec. This is a straightforward and seamless process, especially since you already know their processes inside and out.

You receive a cut of your client's onboarding fee in exchange for facilitating the onboarding process as well as a portion of your customer's subscription to Klarity.

Now that your client is on Klarity RevRec, they are saving significant time and cost on their revenue recognition contract review processes. This allows them to focus their efforts on more important projects.

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