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Welcome to Klarity

Our mission is simple — to save time, mental energy and human potential by automating away the most painful aspects of contract review. We decided it was simply ridiculous that anyone would have to pay knowledge workers hundreds of dollars an hour for such repetitive review. On the other side of the coin, we didn’t feel like we’d studied for years to do such remedial work. There had to be a better way.

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Our vision

Our vision is to eliminate the need for manual document review with best-in-class Artificial Intelligence. Current solutions involve complex workflow software that does little more than optimize handoffs between humans.

The benefits are marginal at best. Klarity’s deep understanding of document content, driven by one of the most accurate Natural Language Processing platforms in the world, is revolutionizing document processing in the midmarket and enterprise.

Our vision

Our values

We take complete ownership
Empathy for each other and the customer
We collaborate with humility
We take work seriously.
Not ourselves
Delivering Quality.
Passion for our craft
Impact above the status quo

Our Story

Klarity was founded in 2017 by MIT classmates Andrew Antos and Nischal Nadhamuni. A former lawyer, Andrew often lamented the unyielding reality of manual document review. His pain resonated with Nischal, who quickly charted out a technical approach to the problem using Neural Networks and other Natural Language Processing techniques. One three hour walk around Cambridge later, and the pair had founded Klarity.

Today, Klarity serves a rapidly growing roster of customers that includes some of the most well-known and innovative organizations in enterprise tech. Our technology has transformed document and contract review for Coupa, 8x8 and many more.

The Challenge

Simply put, we’ve set out to do something no one has ever done before. It’s difficult, challenging and rewarding. The world has never seen AI-driven document review automation. Our organization requires innovation in every area – technology, product, operations, sales and marketing. We welcome unconventional ideas and challenges to the status quo, they’re essential to our continued success.

While Klarity’s approach to the problem is fresh, the problem itself is not. As more organizations become aware that there is a technology that can replace manual document review, customer demand has skyrocketed. It continues to exceed the size of our team, and we need the industry’s best to help us keep pace.

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